Common gums/hydrocolloids chart

The functional characteristics of gums vary greatly so our Gum Gurus® created a handy reference that lists the most important details about each gum. Information included: Source, Solubility, Viscosity and gel formation properties, pH tolerance, and more.

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Lauren Standifer, Food Scientist
Brendan Scott, Food Scientist (specialized knowhow in dairy)
Vanessa Zamarin, Principal Technologist, Food Systems
Maddy Goldsmith, Technical Service Representative
Elzbieta Jozwiack, Sr. Principal Food Scientist, hydrocolloids (specialized knowhow in cheese)
Marshall Weston, Senior Food Scientist (specialized knowhow in beverages)
Kelcey Pusateri, Food Technologist (specialized knowhow in beverages)
Brooke Hutton, Technical Service Representative
Julie Leon, Manager, Inside Sales
Kyla Broderick, Technical Service Representative
Jackie LeFleur, Principal Technologist, Systems & Ingredient Solutions Technical Service

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