Information to collect early in the formulating process


Get a jump start on creating the food and beverage you envision by defining what you need and want from the start to save time and resources, and help you get your product to market — faster.

What formulating complexities are you up against?

Many times, you as the formulator rely on your own team’s expertise or utilize familiar outside resources to address product development objectives. There is often an expectation that these resources can handle the complexity around flavor, texture, stability, appearance, quality and overall acceptance of your products. This makes sense as companies have invested significantly in their R&D teams. But, often these expert teams have limited time to develop additional outside relationships to broaden their knowledge base. 

It becomes even more challenging as consumers demand cleaner product labels and forces in the market weigh in on the debate. Since there is no universally accepted definition of clean label, formulators are forced to be agile and flexible to answer to a changing market with changing needs. Additionally, formulating new products, or reformulating existing ones, is not as easy as simply replacing traditional go-to ingredients with 1:1 alternatives. 

What do you need to be successful?

  1. Experience: Having a talented and experienced R&D team that can handle the complexities of product formulation with extensive knowledge of hydrocolloids, starches, plant proteins, fibers, sweeteners and ingredient interactions and regulatory implications is crucial to success.
  2. Portfolio: Access to a large portfolio of ingredients including hydrocolloids, proteins, sweeteners and more provides the right solution for your specific application.
  3. Communication: Throughout reformulation, product requirements like label claims, nutritional parameters and expected texture must be kept top of mind. It is imperative to have a means of communication that simplifies formulating into definable terms that can be assessed and rebuilt within the new formula.

What to bring to the formulating table

It can be difficult to foresee the various effects that processing, ingredient selection and other elements of formulating will have on an end product. The application and formulation experts of Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers work with customers to help guide their formulation process, taking into consideration the various factors necessary to ensure a stable, reproducible product. When developers are able to understand how each component interacts and impacts the product as a whole, the process becomes much more effective and efficient.

Our goal is to take the complex process of formulating or reformulating and turn it into something accessible and navigable.

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