100: Fennema Lecture: STEM Education - A Tale of Two Paradigms

Moderators: Rosalia Garcia-Torres PhD; Jose Reyes-De-Corcuera, PhD Presenter: Richard Felder PhD

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Go to the profile of Yao Olive Li
Yao Olive Li 5 months ago

Good job, Rosalia!! for securing a legendary talk by Dr. Feldler, whom I have admired a lot for so many years and always expect to have a chance to meet in person; but somehow this year is not doing us a favor. I look forward to future opportunities to meet Dr. Felder in person, but his pre-recorded talk is equally fantastic and powerful!!

Go to the profile of Toya Wolfe
Toya Wolfe 5 months ago

Yao, we were very lucky to have Dr. Felder!

Go to the profile of Richard Felder
Richard Felder 4 months ago

Thanks so much, Yao. I also hope we have the opportunity to meet in person.

Go to the profile of Bruce Ferree, CFS
Bruce Ferree, CFS 5 months ago

Thank you Dr. Felder,

While I am not a university professor, I am blessed with the opportunity to provide training to food industry members in the areas of food safety and quality programs.  I have been active with the education community since my time on the IFT Higher Education Review Board and the 2011 Undergraduate curriculum review committee.  I found this lecture very insightful into methods I can use when I'm training our industry partners.  I will need to strive to provide more interactive time and to focus on my course objectives.  Thanks for the insights.

Go to the profile of Richard Felder
Richard Felder 4 months ago

My pleasure, Bruce--thanks for your kind comments. I regret that I didn't have the opportunity to interact with my IFT colleagues, and hope that future opportunities will present themselves.

Go to the profile of Clint Stevenson
Clint Stevenson 4 months ago

Great reminder to work toward creating more active learning experiences! Neat to see Dr. Felder, a professor emeritus from my institution at NC State, whose impacts come up in conversation every year.

No doubt, facilitating active learning is hard. I'm curious to talk about collaborative opportunities as food science educators for helping each other out...

 I think part of the problem is that, since food science is a niche field, we don't have libraries to shop around for courseware like other fields do. For example, biology instructors have hundreds of good e-books, quiz packs, case studies, rubrics, videos, etc. that they can easily integrate into their teaching. This frees them up from spending all their time curating content so they can focus on active learning. 

If anyone is interested in talking about sharing e-learning materials, I'd love to chat. We've developed a library of modules for food safety and quality assurance courses at NC State that have been handy. I'd love to see what others have produced who are interested in sharing, and potentially build some sort of shareable library.

Go to the profile of Richard Felder
Richard Felder 4 months ago

I hope you get a bunch of takers, Clint--it sounds like you're offering a valuable resource. I'll be giving a live IFT webinar on August 3 at which I'll offer some specific ideas for activities that should fit in most food science and technology classes. It would be nice to meet you then if you can make it--who knows when we'll be able to get back to NCSU and meet in person (socially distanced, of course).