104: The NOVA Disruption: A Call-to Action for the Food Industry. An Explanation of the Issues Arising from the NOVA Classification and How to Counter them with Science and Sensibility

Organizer: Kantha Shelke, PhD, CFS Moderators: Roger A. Clemens, PhD, CFS Presenters: Julie M. Jones, PhD; Susana Socolovsky, PhD, CFS; Kantha Shelke, PhD, CFS

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Go to the profile of Bruce Ferree, CFS
Bruce Ferree, CFS 5 months ago

I've learned that NOVA has too many inconsistencies to allow it to be used to define a healthy diet.  It is sad to see that this has been used to set dietary guidelines in some countries, but I'm glad to hear that there is work starting at WHO and CODEX to correct this.  Let me add that Kanthe's presentation includes the conversation that food scientists must have when discussing NOVA with others .          A quick question for pondering...    When will we see the first product labeled with "Proudly manufactured with more than 5 ingredients because (more nutritious)(safer)(seasonality)(fortified for better nutrition)(decreased loss/waste)(decreased perishability)"     Thank you for a great CALL TO ACTION.

Go to the profile of Susana Socolovsky
Susana Socolovsky 5 months ago

Thank you Bruce for taking the time to attend the session and for your comments. The situation has reached unacceptable limits and all of us food scientists should be on the watch to avoid this concept to be adopted in the USA. Conversations about the relevance of the science of food with nutritionists and dietitians is a must!