126: Bridging Science and Practice to Accelerate Innovation and Integration of Ultraviolet Light Technology and LEDs in Food Processing

Organizer: Tatiana N. Koutchma, PhD Moderator: Danny Bayliss, PhD Presenters: Danny Bayliss, PhD; Tatiana N. Koutchma, PhD; Mohammed Farid, PhD; Ankit Patras, PhD; Phyllis Posy

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Very good and practical information !

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Tatiana Koutchma 5 months ago

thank you Daniela!

Go to the profile of Varalakshmi Sudagar
Varalakshmi Sudagar 5 months ago

Very informative presentations 

Go to the profile of Tatiana Koutchma
Tatiana Koutchma 5 months ago

Thank you Varalakshmi!

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Danny Bayliss 5 months ago

Thanks for the positive feedback. If anyone has any questions about the aspects discussed in this session we will be holding a zoom meeting to answer any burning questions or just talk a little bit around the technology and our experiences. Hope to see you there!

11 am CST time

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 734 115 9464
Password: 3FzTta

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Jie Xu 4 months ago

Where can I find this talk? Could you let me know if it is uploaded or not.

The Influence of High-Pressure Processing at Elevated Temperatures on the Quality and Safety of Selected Foods

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Danny Bayliss 4 months ago

This was a live zoom meeting which was held on the 16th July. If people would like to set up a zoom call with the session speakers please post a comment and then we can arrange a suitable time and date to discuss the technology and answer your questions