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203: Global Design of Clean Label Foods

Organizer: Greg Stucky; Moderator: Sarah V. Kirkmeyer, PhD, MBA, CFS Presenters: Greg Stucky; Mimi Sherlock; Webb Girard, MSc

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Greg Stucky 5 months ago

Excited to announce we will have a LIVE Q&A! With Some surprise guests (announcing later today). 

Tuesday July 14 at 2pm Central.

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IFT20 “Global Design of Clean Label Foods”  Live Virtual Forum

Ask lots of questions in this comments space - so we can prep the speakers. 

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Greg Stucky 5 months ago

Join us today (Tuesday) at 2pm central for a virtual forum followed by a Q&A session to take a deep dive into the growing clean eating trends across the globe with industry-leading experts.

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Sara Kirkmeyer, Sr. Director, Client Partnerships, InsightsNow Inc.

IFT Speakers:
Webb Girard, Director of Research & Development, CuliNex LLC
Mimi Sherlock, Global Director, Strategic Insights - Flavors, International Flavors & Fragrances
Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer, InsightsNow Inc.

Forum Panelists:
Carol McCall, R&D Director, Global Foods, Culinary and Consumer Discovery & Applications, Pepsi Foods 
Jonny Tomlin, Corporate Executive Chef, Global Business Dev., Griffith Foods
Menexia Tsoubeli, Vice President, NA Savory, Firmenich
Janet Carver, Director, Global Culinology, Ingredion Inc.

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Greg Stucky 5 months ago

A giant THANK YOU to all our speakers and guest panelists - it was such a great discussion! I learned a lot!

If you were unable to join us for the Live Virtual Forum. The recorded version is available for you to watch at your leisure. Enjoy.