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229: 4 New Technologies Transforming Sensory and Consumer Science

Organizer: John Ennis, PhD Moderators: Angelina Schiano, William S. Harwood Presenters: Lindsay Barr, MS, William Russ, Michelle Niedziela, PhD, John Ennis, PhD

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Go to the profile of Robert Sevenich
Robert Sevenich 6 months ago

Great session, very interesting and informing....well done 

Go to the profile of Virginia Mercer
Virginia Mercer 6 months ago

The entire presentation was very informative.  I was not familiar with Graph Databases, so I found that part particularly interesting.

Go to the profile of Susan Parker
Susan Parker 6 months ago

Useful session.  The big takeaway that seemed to be threaded throughout the presentations - the right tool for the job that answers the right question. I'm looking forward to the live Q&A down the road. Thank you.