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230: Advancements in Novel Processing and Packaging Technologies for Shaping the Future of Food Manufacturing and Consumption

Organizer: V.M. Balasubramaniam, PhD Moderators: V.M. Balasubramaniam, PhD; Tatiana N. Koutchma, PhD; Maxine Roman, PhD; Presenters: Ashim K. Datta; Claire K. Sand, PhD; Marcia Walker, PhD

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Go to the profile of C. Dunne
C. Dunne 5 months ago

Very stimulating talk by one of the innovators in both novel processes and growth of plant based foods. C. Patrick Dunne

Go to the profile of Siyi Wang
Siyi Wang 5 months ago

The "Top 10 Science Fusions That Will Shape Food Packaging in the Next Decade" video is not submitted or not shown. Is this a technical issue?

Go to the profile of Maya Salazar
Maya Salazar 5 months ago

Hi Siyi. IFT staff is in communication with the speaker. We hope to get the video up by next week. Thank you for checking.

Go to the profile of Rebecca Milczarek
Rebecca Milczarek 5 months ago

Excellent presentations! "Food Physics" is a simple yet elegant descriptor.