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239: Unlocking Fermentation Technology for a Sustainable, Healthy, and Clean Future

Organizer: Joost J. Blankestijn Presenters: Jerome Diaz, PhD; Paulo de Boer, PhD; Carsten Mang, PhD; Andrew Lee, PhD

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Jerome Diaz 6 months ago

For everyone who wants to partcipate in the interactive talk of Jerome Diaz but who might have difficulties reading the QR code, here is the link to the feedback form:

Unlocking Fermentation Technology for a Sustainable, Healthy, & Clean Future:

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Hung (Harry) Pham 6 months ago

High-throughput screening holds so much promising in the evolution process of generating de-novo food ingredients and rapidly formulating new products, when combining with synthetic biology, data science, and material science. I've seen this approach has been utilized in the biopharma sector, but not in food. Thank you for bringing this up at IFT!

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IFT 6 months ago

Hi Team-

I wanted to follow up with you and thank you for all of the time and effort you put into your session. We’ve already seen press coverage on the session that I thought you might want to see.  We are so grateful for the time, energy and flexibility that you put into participating in the new virtual format.  We know it’s not how we want the annual event to be, but we were able to bring high quality science to the food science community.  And the good news is everyone gets full access to the entire program for a year, so folks will continue to be able to see your session long after the end of the event.

When food comes alive: New waves of fermented technology

Benjamin Ferrer, Food Ingredients First, July 15, 2020