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240: Communicating Science Through Storytelling

Organizers: Allison Leibovich; Judy Lindsey, CFS; Angelina Schiano; Moderator: Rae Ulrich; Presenters: Tom Vierhile; Kantha Shelke, PhD, CFS

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Go to the profile of Allison Leibovich
Allison Leibovich 5 months ago

Post your questions & feedback using the comments feature. We'd love to hear what you think! Was this relevant? What would you like to hear?

Go to the profile of Melanie Krawczyk
Melanie Krawczyk 5 months ago

Woo! It came together so well! Such an important topic. 

Go to the profile of Kantha Shelke
Kantha Shelke 5 months ago

Thank you.  Such an important skill, especially for scientists. 

Go to the profile of Melanie Lacroix
Melanie Lacroix 5 months ago

The content is very interesting, thank you!

I don't know if it is only because of my computer, but I can't ear the sound of the video from 15:42 until the end...

Go to the profile of Toya Wolfe
Toya Wolfe 5 months ago

@Kantha I'll certainly share some of these best practices with our short course instructors! I'm a storyteller not a scientist, but you and Tom have given me some news insights!

Go to the profile of Toya Wolfe
Toya Wolfe 5 months ago

Hi Melanie, thanks for letting us know. We're taking care of it right now. Please come back later this afternoon and check out this great video. 

Go to the profile of Maya Salazar
Maya Salazar 5 months ago

Hi Melanie. Thanks for your patience. The video has been updated and you should be able to listen to the full presentation. Enjoy!

Go to the profile of Melanie Lacroix
Melanie Lacroix 5 months ago

Thank you! It is working now

Go to the profile of Celia Schlosser
Celia Schlosser 5 months ago

Many useful information! Thank you.

Go to the profile of Kartheek Anekella
Kartheek Anekella 5 months ago

I love the statement "the goal of science communication is not agreement but fewer, better disagreements". I believed that 'science' is black and white but now realizing that 'scientific communication' is not so black and white! Great insights!

Go to the profile of Rae Ulrich
Rae Ulrich 5 months ago

@kartheek you are spot on! To effectively communicate science to those who are not scientists we need to meet them where they are in their understanding and leverage storytelling to help bring a greater understanding. This starts with focusing on the "why" and then working towards the "what" and "how."