241: Protect the Power of Flavors

Organizer: Mabel Chacko Moderator: Mabel Chacko Presenters: Chin-Ping Su, Sara Risch, PhD, Derek Holthaus

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Go to the profile of Emma Peterson
Emma Peterson 4 months ago

Will the video for The Impact of Packaging on Flavors would be available at a later point since it is not currently loaded on the page? Thanks!

Go to the profile of Maya Salazar
Maya Salazar 4 months ago

Hi Emma. The Session Organizer is in the process of connecting with the speaker. More details coming soon

Go to the profile of Brian Wilding
Brian Wilding 4 months ago

The video does not work.

Go to the profile of Mabel Chacko
Mabel Chacko 4 months ago

Hi Brian - I was able to play all the videos.  I'm wondering if this is related to Chrome vs. IE - but will mention it to the IFT organizers regarding your issue.

Go to the profile of Maya Salazar
Maya Salazar 4 months ago

Hi Brian. Thank you for your feedback. All current videos on this page have been successfully uploaded to this page. If you are using Internet Explorer, I would suggest switching to another browser, preferably Google Chrome or Firefox. You may need to clear your browser's cache or disconnect from your VPN if you are using one.