243: Getting the Needle Out of the Plant Food Haystack: Engineering Approaches for Extracting Value From Fruit, Vegetable, Grain, and Nut Co-Products

Organizer: Rebecca R. Milczarek, PhD Presenters: Pablo Juliano, Patchanee Yasurin, Suvaluk Asavasanti, PhD., Bor-Sen Chiou

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Rebecca Milczarek 5 months ago

Live Q&A Session Information

Join the speakers from this symposium for a real-time question-and-answer session via WebEx.  This will take place at 8:15 PM CDT on Tuesday, July 21st.  (Note that this is the Tuesday after the IFT meeting, not during the meeting.)  Please see below for the meeting link and number, or contact the session organizer at rebecca.milczarek@ars.usda.gov if you would like to receive a calendar invitation with connection instructions. 

During this Q&A session, speakers will take live questions from the audience and will also address any questions that have come up in the “Comments” section of this page.  So, if you cannot join us in real-time, be sure to post your written question in the “Comments” section. 

Best wishes for a successful conference!

WebEx Join a Meeting Portal Page ( https://globalpage-prod.webex.com/join )

Meeting Number: 1461780425

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Kar Yeen Chong 5 months ago

Hello, thank you for the interesting presentations. I see that one of the main concerns are that the produce not passing QC standards. This question is open to everyone. Are there initiatives in your organization to increase consumers' acceptability on 'ugly' fruits and vegetables?

This question is specifically to Bor-Sen Chiou: When phenolics are removed by the fish gelatin, antioxidant decreased as well. Antioxidants have their health benefits. In the end product of almond hull extract, how would you balance these two aspects, between retaining the phenolics and reducing the bitterness from phenolics? Or are the antioxidant properties not that important in this case?

I might not be able to attend the live Q&A, but please feel free to reply below :)

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Bor-Sen Chiou 5 months ago


Thanks for viewing our presentations and we hoped you enjoyed them.

Ideally, we would like to remove the least amount of phenolic compounds and still have the extract be appealing to consumers. This would require sensory tests in the future. We are also exploring other ways to separate the phenolic compounds from the sugars without binding them to fish gelatin since phenolic compounds by themselves have value. One method we are exploring is membrane filtration. Thanks.