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245: Going Keto: Discovering the What, the Who, and the How of the Keto Friendly Diet

Organizer: Heidi Adams Moderator: Rich Stewart, B. S. Food Science Presenter: Kristen N. Smith, PhD, RDN; Lu Ann Williams; Marshall G. Weston, III; Ramesh Reddy Yettella, PhD

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Go to the profile of Colleen Madden
Colleen Madden 6 months ago

Awesome insights into the Keto diet and Keto-friendly R&D!

Can you also offer insights into minimally-processed, nutrition power-house ingredients like Lupin Beans that offer less than 10% Net Carbs?  

Go to the profile of IFT
IFT 6 months ago

Hi Team-

I thought you might want to see some press coverage on your session.  

IFT20: The keto diet keeps on trending

Monica Watrous, Food Business News, July 14, 2020

This article covers the SHIFT20 session on the keto diet, its popularity, barriers to adoption, and ways that packaged foods and beverages can leverage the diet. It includes several quotes from the session and links to register for the event. 

Also published: Break'n News

SHIFT20: Keto taps into personalization and “lifestyle” demands

Katherine Durrell, Nutrition Insight, July 14, 2020

This article covers a presentation on the keto trend at SHIFT20, including insights, industry challenges, and predictions for the future of this diet lifestyle. 

Go to the profile of Bryson Bolton
Bryson Bolton 5 months ago

This was great!