247: Better Food Fights: Current and Alternative Roles for Food Scientists in Food Politics

Organizer: John N. Coupland Presenters: Cesar Vega Morales, Ph.D., Christy Spackman, Ph.D., John N. Coupland

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Go to the profile of John Coupland
John Coupland 5 months ago

Hi Everyone - I don't know exactly how to do things with this website yet but if you're interested in talking food politics let me know and I'll try to arrange some sort of informal meeting

Go to the profile of Leah Stitz
Leah Stitz 5 months ago

I am interested in learning more. It's the end of the meeting and I'm still figuring out the website!

Go to the profile of Clay Swackhamer
Clay Swackhamer 5 months ago

Awesome! Prof Coupland's "outcome uncertainty" vs "value conflict" coordinate space should is great.

I can picture some of the trends in food science and food engineering as vectors in this space. For instance, the "hurdle technologies" like HPP, PEF and so forth could be conceptualized as vertical lines starting in quadrant II and pointing toward quadrant IV. In this (proposed) interpretation, these technologies introduce little value conflict, but over time they have become technically more fleshed out, ie, outcome uncertainty has decreased in time over the past decades.

I think other food trends could be conceptualized in the same way.