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306: Engage in Developments to Best Prepare Food Science Graduates for the Global Workplace

Moderators: Helen Joyner, Clint Stevenson Presenters: Bertrand Emond, Jon Poole, Emma Weston

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Go to the profile of Helen Joyner
Helen Joyner 5 months ago

If you would like to discuss this content after SHIFT20 is over, please fill out this form so we can contact you:

Go to the profile of Richard Ludescher
Richard Ludescher 5 months ago


Thanks to you and Helen for organizing this session.  Please include me in any follow-up discussions that you organize.  

Rick Ludescher

Go to the profile of Darlene Samuel
Darlene Samuel 5 months ago

Great session! I would like to be included in further discussions.

Go to the profile of Patricia Hingston
Patricia Hingston 4 months ago

I am currently working on revising our entire Food Science curriculum to better prepare students for their future careers. This session was very very helpful! Thank you so much! I would like to be involved in any future discussions on how we can all improve our curricula to better benefit students.