801: Developing Countries: Food Science in Action...or Inaction?

Presenters: Donna Rosa, Aidtrepreneurship; Evie Severyn & Charbel Abou Haidar, Land O' Lakes, Inc.

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Donna Rosa 5 months ago

Hey Everyone

If you're interested in having a follow-up Q&A session with the members of this panel, please indicate this in a comment here.  The session will be Monday, July 20, at 9 AM US central time.  Note that we'll only have the session if there's interest.  Check back here to see if we're going to schedule it, and we'll post the link at that time.  

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Donna Rosa 4 months ago

Thanks to everyone for watching!  If you'd like to reach me, send me an email at donna@donnamrosa.com.  You can also connect with me on IFT Connect, LinkedIn, or through my websites www.efourenterprises.com and www.donnamrosa.com.

Go to the profile of Scott Hagedorn
Scott Hagedorn 4 months ago

Hi Donna 

Would like to learn more about the IFT International Division.  Am retired but have worked for the US domestic divisions of number of international taste & nutrition companies including Kerry (Ireland), Givaudan (Switzerland), Quest (Amsterdam) and BBA (London),

Have extensive experience in the global compliance of Taste and Food Ingredients

Participated in the SHIFT2020 meeting and would like to explore further.

Thank you

Scott Hagedorn PhD

SRH Consulting LLC


Go to the profile of Melanie Krawczyk
Melanie Krawczyk 4 months ago

Hi Scott! Thank you for the interest. I will relay your contact to the Division Chair. They should reach out shortly. Please e-mail me with other questions mkrawczyk@ift.org. -Melanie

Go to the profile of Donna Rosa
Donna Rosa 4 months ago

Hi Scott

Thanks for your interest. Sent you an email with details.  

Go to the profile of Scott Hagedorn
Scott Hagedorn 4 months ago

Hi Donna,

Thank you for your email about the new Food Science In Developing Countries.

Will reply to your email, but this sounds like and interesting opportunity and have significant experience with food ingredient & flavor development and compliance in global countries.

Thanks and look forward to talking with you in the future.

Scott Hagedorn (Principal Consultant www.srhfoodsafety.com )

Go to the profile of Laura Rolon
Laura Rolon 4 months ago

Thank you for sharing your experiences working in Food Science on development projects.  I am looking forward to more events like this, and to spread the career possibilities for food scientists in this area.

Go to the profile of Donna Rosa
Donna Rosa 4 months ago

Thanks for your kind words, Laura. We are planning more content on this and related topics.  I'll be hosting a Fireside Chat on the effects of COVID-19 on developing countries on Aug. 11.  And we have a 4-podcast series called "Food Foundations" at https://www.ift.org/iftnext/podcasts

Be sure to check these sessions at SHIFT20:

- The Role of IFT and Its Education Community in Supporting Food Security

- UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 2): Zero Hunger Challenge

If you're looking to get involved, you can check out Feeding Tomorrow's Volunteer Globally program https://www.ift.org/career-development/volunteer-globally 

Finally, the International Division has a program called Elevating Food Systems for Relief and Development, which seeks to expand the use of food science and technology for development and humanitarian purposes.  Shoot me an email at donna@donnamrosa.com and I'll send more info.