900: Personal and Planetary Health: Consumer Perspectives on Plant-Based Protein

Organizer and Presenter: Kris Sollid, RD

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Go to the profile of Youling Xiong
Youling Xiong 5 months ago

Excellent survey and presentation!

Go to the profile of Edward O'Neill
Edward O'Neill 5 months ago

Fascinating.  I just started doing some food safety consulting work in the plant space and am trying to better understand that world.  You provided me with a wealth of insight.  Thanks. 

Go to the profile of Christine Bruhn
Christine Bruhn 5 months ago

Very interesting. Thank you.

Go to the profile of David Horowitz
David Horowitz 4 months ago

Excellent presentation and quite accurate. One of the questions should have been geared towards the consumers perception of food safety for plant based foods vs. animal. Less risk of E Coli with plant based than with standard burgers.