A novel approach to high-fiber claim

The dietary fiber you need can also be the dietary fiber you want

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U.S. consumers understand they need to eat more fiber, with nearly three-quarters admitting they feel digestive health is “important”1 and nearly half already are increasing their fiber consumption.2 But adding just any fiber to a food or beverage can backfire in more ways than one. Many fibers can confer positive health benefits but at a cost that consumers are unwilling to pay, be it in taste and texture compromises or short-term physical discomfort that outweighs any long-term health gain.

NOVELOSE® 3490 dietary fiber from Ingredion is the best of both in more ways than one. Technically a resistant starch (type RS4), it acts like a starch in formulas with little to no impact on flavor, color or texure to provide the benefit of a rich fiber to help support digestive wellness.

Derived from non-GMO tapioca, NOVELOSE 3490 dietary fiber delivers just-right flavor, texture, with actually fewer calories, to baked products, tortillas, cereals, and bars that can proudly wear a “fiber–rich” label. Moreover, it’s Low FODMAP-certified*, allowing consumers who follow a low FODMAP diet (which has them limit most short-chain carbohydrates that include fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols due to digestive discomfort) to get the fiber in their diet they might not normally obtain.

And there’s a third way NOVELOSE 3490 dietary fiber delivers for better-for-you product makers: It’s cost effective and easy to incorporate into any application, saving money and time. Getting the best of both worlds — more dietary fiber for better digestive health and wellness without sacrificing taste, texture, or appeal — and no undesirable after-effects that necessitate a different kind of social distancing.

Ask the ingredient scientists at the Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers for assistance in putting together your next fiber-rich consumer-favorite formulation.

Connect with our team via the Virtual Business cards on Ingredion’s exhibitor showcase.

*Ingredion’s NOVELOSE 3490 dietary fiber is Monash Low FODMAP certified. Only products that have formally applied to Monash University’s Low FODMAP certification program may claim to be Monash Low FODMAP certified. The application process to Monash University includes undergoing lab analysis to confirm FODMAP compliance.


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