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The plant-based protein trend doesn't stand alone. Many consumers seeking to expand their diet with plant-based foods are equally demanding greater organic product choices. And with gluten-free, non-GMO VITESSENCE® Pulse organic 1803 pea protein isolate by Ingredion, you’ll pass consumer scrutiny with a four-for-four on the trend scale.

Consumer demand for plant protein is multiplying rapidly across all categories of foods and beverages. To meet that demand, VITESSENCE Pulse organic pea protein isolate brings both high nutrition and organic appeal to protein packed products with complete formulation functionality that adheres to all the “free-from” claims. Versatile and concentrated enough to contribute to an “excellent source of protein” claim, the pea protein isolate can also replace major allergens in your formulations and allow developers to design and execute on-trend foods and beverages that adhere to strict vegan standards.

The neutral flavor and aroma of pea protein, along with its benefits of being able to meet multiple label demands, makes it the high-performance solution for meeting nutrition and lifestyle claims while offering full functionality of texture and taste. Whether enriching snack and nutrition bars, boosting beverages for performance and energy, creating better-for-you baked goods, or going all-plant and making next-generation meat alternatives, the pure protein from VITESSENCE Pulse 1803 organic pea isolate contains a minimum of 80% protein content on a dry basis, making it a snap to hit the 10 grams or more/serving target that allows a front-of-package claim as an “excellent source of protein.”

VITESSENCE Pulse organic pea protein isolate is certified organic by Quality Assurance International, making it able to support both “organic” and “USDA organic” claims. It offers excellent solubility, and outstanding emulsification and water- and oil-holding capacity, necessary for today’s highly competitive meat analogs.

Need help getting those textures just right? Working with Ingredion gives you access to a broad portfolio of plant-protein solution experts worldwide. Ingredion’s experts deliver the consumer insights, applied research, and applications knowhow along with top-notch culinary and nutrition expertise to help you create delicious, protein-rich products and get them to market fast.

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