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Four exhibitors at SHIFT20 have Solution Expert Rooms, which enable them to highlight prototype videos, product demonstrations, and robust content on their products and applications.

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Four exhibitors at SHIFT20 have Solution Expert Rooms, which enable them to highlight prototype videos, product demonstrations, and robust content on their products and applications. Check them out and make sure to connect with during and after the event. Information from hundreds of SHIFT20 exhibitors will be available for six months following the conclusion of the live virtual event.

Corteva Agriscience
The agriscience company delivers solutions, products, and services needed across the food chain, including its omega-9 canola oil and Plenish high oleic soybean oil. In addition to brochures and information on high stability oils, crop protein, and seed science, the company’s Solution Expert Room offers information on the upcoming webinar:

With industry insights and on-trend ingredient solutions, including a broad plant protein portfolio, sugar reduction solutions, clean label ingredients, starch-based texturizers, and food ingredient systems, Ingredion has experts that are ready to help make your formulation ideas come to life.  Ingredion’s Solution Expert Room is full of helpful information on their ingredients, including videos showcasing prototype concepts. Interested in trying out a sample of the delicious prototypes in their videos? Connect with their team via the virtual business cards.

Also, tune in on Wednesday, July 15 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. CT for a live cocktail/mocktail prototype demonstration.

Finally, the company is giving out free swag each day. Check out their Solution Expert Room for instructions.

Naturex part of Givaudan
Today's consumers are looking for plant-based products and foods that support their healthy lifestyles. Explore the possibilities of food and function in Naturex’s Solution Expert Room, where they showcase technologies that increase the appeal of meat substitutes and add tangible wellness benefits to food and beverage products.

Every morning, the company will post the full day's agenda of topics set to be published in their Room. Monday’s topic was immunity and Tuesday’s topic was alternative protein. Tune in on Wednesday morning to see the final day’s topic and agenda.

Also, make sure to put a reminder on your calendar for Wednesday, July 15 at 2:30 p.m. because the company will be holding a presentation on formulating clean-label, healthy beverages. Givaudan offers extended capabilities, including wellness, taste, and natural colors.

Tate & Lyle
With 160 years’ experience researching, developing, and innovating with food, Tate & Lyle brings you a plethora of resources in its Solution Expert Room to help you deliver the next great food experience for consumers. The company partnered with Mintel to co-host a webinar providing insight into consumer awareness and perception of stevia, drivers of purchase, in-market results, and tools to leverage to create great tasting stevia-sweetened food and beverages.

The company also uses the Solution Expert Room as a way for you to get to know their experts behind the scenes. You can watch videos to get to know their confection scientist, bakery scientist, dairy scientist, and their stabilization and functional systems scientist.

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