Color and Flavor Bring Food to Life

The following exhibitors represent a small sampling of companies that will be highlighting their expertise in color and flavor at SHIFT20.

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By Margaret Malochleb

Naturally derived colorings and flavorings are more popular than ever, providing bright, vibrant, true-to-life hues and bold flavors that tap into global trends. The following exhibitors represent a small sampling of companies that will be highlighting their expertise in color and flavor at SHIFT20.

Flavorcan International
Custom-designed flavors from Flavorcan International include fruit and vegetable flavors to perk up the palate, earthy and musky flavors that encourage deep relaxation, and floral combinations for use in desserts, pastries, and cocktails.

One of the company’s specialties is its reaction flavors, which produce aromas characteristic of roasting, baking, and frying. Although many capabilities are available, Flavorcan prides itself on its palate of complex notes. Specialties include pan drippings, chicken skin, steak crust, pork fat, and roast beef, as well as the unique qualities of caramel butter tart.

With more than 20 years of combined flavor experience, the chemists at Lebermuth have the expertise needed to create an extensive palette of delicious and distinctive flavorings. The company’s line of specialty flavors covers the market, from organic compliant to natural to artificial.

Lebermuth sources the finest essential oils from over 30 countries, working with top-rated growers in premium locations. Grower-direct sourcing relationships ensure quality ingredients via a more direct supply chain, which helps to provide ecological and social sustainability for farmers. Offerings include raw materials, pure grade, standardized, kosher, and organic certified essential oils, as well as custom blends to add flavor or fragrance in a variety of applications.

Among the unique products Lebermuth has created to solve supply and aroma issues for customers are Tea Tree Heart and Chamomile Coeur. Capabilities also include reduction of safrole in nutmeg, cinnamon leaf, and other oils to align with IFRA-approved usage levels, and rectification of oils like lemongrass and wintergreen.

National Flavors
To speed up flavor sourcing and keep product launches on schedule, National Flavors developed FLAVORUSH, a user-friendly platform that provides access to hundreds of flavors in the company’s portfolio, along with technical documents and sample shipping in 24 hours.

The company is also hosting a two-part webinar series in collaboration with Mintel on how consumer expectations impact innovation strategies. The first part of the webinar, “Lessons From the Toilet Paper Aisle: How to Innovate in a Changing World,” will take place during SHIFT20 on Tuesday, July 14, at 1 p.m. CT. For more information and to register, visit Also, by attending the two-part series you will be entered to win an Apple Watch Series 5.

Information from hundreds of SHIFT20 exhibitors will be available for six months following the conclusion of the live virtual event.

Margaret Malochleb is associate editor of Food Technology magazine.

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I met Noell from Lebermuth at last year's show; super impressed with her professionalism, business sense, and enthusiasm!