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 Low-sugar glucose syrups let you reduce grams of sugar on labels

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More and more consumers see “sugar” as something to avoid. Crafting popular reduced sugar products that are great tasting in confectionery, dairy, ice cream and baked goods is becoming increasingly important. Ingredion’s VERSASWEET® low-sugar glucose syrups are  great tools to create great tasting reduced sugar products. VERSASWEET low-sugar glucose syrups provide reduced percentages of mono- and disaccharides (DP1 + DP2) so it’s easy to give consumers a product label with a lower amount of sugar compared to standard versions of the same product. And, with no compromise on handling or processing and end product textures, just a problem solved.

As the new labeling rules calling for all mono- and disaccharides to be included in the final sugar grams count, see what a drop of 50% or above can do for your label appeal. With a caloric and carbohydrate load equal to traditional glucose syrups, VERSASWEET low-sugar glucose syrups boast functionality and processability similar to those of regular glucose syrups. The low-sugar syrups have a low Maillard reactivity and is stable to heat and acid, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Labeled as glucose syrup, corn syrup, or tapioca syrup, a lower sugar percentage is not the only label benefit from VERSASWEET low-sugar glucose syrups. Processors can include gluten- and GMO-free call-outs with the non-GMO corn and tapioca options. And with low viscosity versions available, confection makers can produce “just-right” sweetness without giving up on perfect textures. Ingredion’s sweetener team is here to help developers hit the sweet spot on their targeted products.

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