Lose the calories, keep the sweetness

Ingredion is “Enliten-ing” processors to zero-cal sweetness

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In today’s plant-based world, getting out from under the burden of calorie-rich indulgences is easier than ever with sweetening systems derived from the tea-like shrubs known as stevia. Stevia leaves are rich in high-intensity sweetener compounds known as stevia glycosides (“glyco” being derived from the ancient Greek word for “sweet”).

Early stevia sweeteners could not always match consumer taste expectations, leaving a licorice-like aftertaste. That’s no longer the case with Ingredion’s ENLITEN® Fusion line of stevia sweeteners. Ingredion boasts a comprehensive portfolio of cost-optimized stevia systems tailored for perfect sweetness for deliciously clean flavor in favorite foods and beverages, without aftertaste. The clean, sweet taste of ENLITEN Fusion stevia sweeteners comes directly from the leaf of the stevia plants.

All ENLITEN Fusion stevia sweeteners are 200 to 300 times sweeter than sucrose yet impart no calories. This means that with the ENLITEN Fusion stevia suite, it’s possible for formulators to cut out up to 100% of sugar and do so cost effectively.

The technical support team at Ingredion can guide developers toward assessing the correct steviol glycosides, at precise usage levels, to attain the desired end result that will appeal to consumers. Best of all, each ENLITEN stevia system can be designed to address a specific sugar-reduction goal while delivering a sugar-like taste to beverages, confections, or dairy delights.

Four ENLITEN Fusion stevia sweeteners currently are available. You can work with Ingredion experts to hit the center of your target for sweetness equivalence and determine the best percentage of sugar reduction.

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