PR102: Plant-Based Foods: Designing Ingredient, Formulation, and Consumer Opportunities from the Ground Up

Organizer: Katy Geguchadze Moderator: Michael Leonard Presenters: Michael Leonard, David Julien McClements, PhD, Jason R. Stokes, Vivek Sharma, PhD, Alejandro G. Marangoni, PhD, Randy Ewoldt, PhD

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Motif FoodWorks 5 months ago

Craving more discussion on the building blocks of meat & dairy? Questions about how Motif is activating research to make better #plantbased foods? Join Mike Leonard on 7/14 at 11 am ET for a Twitter Q&A where he’ll dig into Motif’s innovative development process.

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Hung (Harry) Pham 5 months ago

Amazing presentations! Thank you Motif!

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Maya Salazar 5 months ago

What great work this team has put together! It was a pleasure working with all the presenters.

I encourage any attendee to please submit their questions & feedback using the comment feature or by "Starting a Panel" when viewing the Presenter's profile page. They would love to hear what you think.