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President's Playlist: Monday Edition

Join IFT President Pam Coleman, MBA, CFS, and her special guest José Miguel Aguilera, PhD, recipient of the 2020 Nicolas Appert award, as they kick off the event and share their SHIFT20 playlists of live and on-demand sessions they plan to attend today.

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SHIFT20 Virtual Event and Expo is where the science of food and food innovation community comes together to share, debate, and discover emerging science, research, insights, thought-leadership, solution providers, and networking opportunities impacting the industry now and into the future.



Go to the profile of Julie Hirsch
Julie Hirsch 6 months ago

Congratulations Jose. So nice to see and hear you on video. This award is well-deserved and past due for all your incredible pioneering contributions to food engineering and structure.  Warm regards. 

Go to the profile of Joseph Light
Joseph Light 6 months ago

Nice summary of Key themes and areas of future need.

Go to the profile of Diane Dawson
Diane Dawson 6 months ago

As a longtime member and past Chair of the Chicago Section IFT (CSIFT), so proud of our connection and  history with the prestigious Nicolas Appert Award. Congrats Jose!

Go to the profile of Roberto Avena-Bustillos

Congratulations Jose for your insightful participation today!

Go to the profile of VICKIE KLOERIS
VICKIE KLOERIS 6 months ago

Great way to start the event. Very interesting discussion.  Congratulations on your award Dr. Aguilera.

Go to the profile of Kantha Shelke
Kantha Shelke 6 months ago

Thank you Pam Coleman and Dr. Aguilera for setting the stage and for your tips on what all to see at #SHIFT20.  Not anything like the in-person meetings we used to have, but definitely very useful and so helpful for all those who wish to learn.

Go to the profile of Amanda K. Ferguson
Amanda K. Ferguson 6 months ago

Congratulations, Jose!

Go to the profile of Michele Perchonok
Michele Perchonok 6 months ago

Great opening to SHIFT20!

Go to the profile of Abul Hossain
Abul Hossain 6 months ago

Congratulations Jose.

Go to the profile of Luan Blancher
Luan Blancher 6 months ago

Congratulations Professor Aguilera on your award.   

Go to the profile of Randy Worobo
Randy Worobo 6 months ago

Congratulations, Jose!  Well deserved honor for all your years of dedication to the food science profession!  Thank you, Pam, for all your fantastic leadership in this trying year!

Go to the profile of Irene Minguez
Irene Minguez 6 months ago

Indeed, the interfaces between food technology, nutrition, sustainability, gut helath, microbiome...all of them are thrilling! And the programme has been put together to share thoughts, research...looking forward to it!

Go to the profile of Maria Velissariou
Maria Velissariou 6 months ago

Congratulations Dr Aguilera! Thank you for sharing your insights and highlighting the role of the global community. 

Go to the profile of Bruce Ferree, CFS
Bruce Ferree, CFS 6 months ago

Thank you Pam and Congratulations to Jose for his great career of distinguished work.  Nice discussion to open up the meeting

Go to the profile of Lester Wilson
Lester Wilson 6 months ago

Great job Pam, and congratulations Jose!

Go to the profile of Adelia Bovell-Benjamin
Adelia Bovell-Benjamin 6 months ago

I enjoyed this session very much. Nice seeing Pam and Jose interacting so well and doing such a great job. Congratulations to both of you for a job well done.

Go to the profile of Daryl Lund
Daryl Lund 6 months ago

Jose: Congratulations on the Appert Award. This is a richly deserving recognition of your life's work. You opened an important door for research so important to food.

Go to the profile of Mike Caruso
Mike Caruso 6 months ago

Great way to start the event. Congratulations on your award, Dr. Aguilera.

Go to the profile of Patricia Glorio Paulet, Ph.D, CFS

Very useful insights from both of you. And well deserved award Dr Aguilera. Congrats.

Go to the profile of Prashita Patil
Prashita Patil 6 months ago

Your journey is so remarkable. I can't wait to start mine in this amazing field of Food Science and Technology

Go to the profile of Yao-Wen Huang
Yao-Wen Huang 6 months ago

this is a great starting point for the virtual Conference, I believe this will be the norm in the coming years!