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President's Playlist: Wednesday Edition

Join IFT President-Elect Noel Anderson, PhD, CFS, and his special guest Arti Arora, Vice President of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at Coca-Cola North America, as they kick off the event and share their SHIFT20 playlists of live and on-demand sessions they plan to attend today.

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Go to the profile of Michele Perchonok
Michele Perchonok 6 months ago

Great opening to Day 3.  Thanks Noel and Arti!

Go to the profile of Randy Worobo
Randy Worobo 6 months ago

Good morning everyone!  Great welcome to day 3, Noel and Arti!

Go to the profile of Kantha Shelke
Kantha Shelke 6 months ago

Very good ideas and pointers, Arti and Noel.  I already had them on my nice to know that you think so too.  

Wish you all a great Day 3!

Go to the profile of Heather Hart
Heather Hart 6 months ago

Thank you, great list!

Go to the profile of Ken Lee
Ken Lee 6 months ago

Outstanding start to a compelling third day. Kudos to IFT for creating a conference that in some respects is more interactive than a face to face in Chicago. Noel and Arti bring valued experience to our program and profession.

Go to the profile of Scott McCormick
Scott McCormick 6 months ago

Thank you both for your words of inspiration!  Great way to start the IFT day.

Go to the profile of Diane Dawson
Diane Dawson 6 months ago

Couldn't agree more how active involvement in IFT helps the individual and the company the individual (citizen) works for.

Go to the profile of Susana Socolovsky
Susana Socolovsky 6 months ago

Thanks Arti and Noel! great recommendations!

Go to the profile of Arti Arora
Arti Arora 6 months ago

Thanks everyone!  Shift20 has been great so far.  It was a pleasure developing this list with Noel.