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Stop Wasting Waste – Upcycling Our Future

Tuesday, July 14 9:30-10:15am CST. Sign up to attend.

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Go to the profile of Aaron Wiedemer
Aaron Wiedemer 6 months ago

I loved the discussion and want to see it continued here so I'll just put something random out there; where would be a good place to start implementing local farming practices and would there be anywhere where it wouldn't work?

Go to the profile of Jonathan C Kershaw
Jonathan C Kershaw 6 months ago

I really liked the discussion around the circular economy. I'm intrigued by the idea of using living organisms to filter/process waste streams to convert it back into usable foods. Here in Ohio, we have a lot of nutrient run-off from agriculture due to the use of sub-surface tile drains. I just started on a collaborative project to capture these nutrients and convert them into marketable products through the use of algae and aquaponics. I'm always open to others' thoughts if you have any insights!

Go to the profile of Oscar Viquez
Oscar Viquez 6 months ago

Great iterventions by panelists, all steakholders should be connected to take advantage of any industrial or food waste, which could be used/became as another energy sourse, or ingredient.