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Every morning, we will post the full day's agenda of topics set to be published in this space. Today's topic is Alternative Protein, with posts scheduled throughout the day.

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Taste, texture, color, mouthfeel, flavor and nutritional profile: these are the key product attributes that drive consumer value in a truly tasty plant-based center-of-the-plate product.

And today, in our Solution Expert room, we will talk about a few of our solutions that do just that – build the perfect plant-based savory product. By combining Givaudan’s industry-leading taste technology and application expertise with Naturex’s natural ingredients, we are poised to offer powerful integrated solutions for meat substitutes that are entirely plant-based.

Make sure to follow along throughout the day as we talk about the below topics. In addition, we encourage you to ask any questions you may have around alternative protein and our capabilities in the comments section below. One of our experts will be on hand to answer your questions.

Today’s Agenda:



9:30am CDT

Putting the beet in the real meat experience
Read about our new Vegebrite Veggie Reds, where we combine beetroot and other natural extracts to give plant-based meat substitutes an authentic fresh meat-like red color.

12:00pm CDT

Transforming the taste of plant-based meat alternatives
Read about Givaudan’s unique approach that combines post-texturizing flavor marination with strategies to maximize performance and produce a more impactful, authentic meat flavor.

2:30pm CDT

What’s the deal with non-dairy dairy?
Read what our thought leaders at Givaudan think about the first-bite hurdle and what next for non-dairy dairy.

4:30pm CDT

Our daily happy hour!
Join us in the room every day at 4:30 where we will have experts ready to chat with you about our products featured that day.


Follow along with us throughout the day as we publish several posts on our state-of-the-art plant based protein technologies.

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