Questions on IFTSA Student Socials and Networking

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Univeristy Socials
Please Visit “The Academy” Room, where we have included links to each of the University Alumni social’s that have been shared with IFT.

More events and ways to connect
There are multiple ways to reach out to and connect with other attendees, including other students. Visit the IFT Student Association (IFTSA) Lounge. Go to the menu option on the top left corner and Click on Rooms. Then select the IFTSA Lounge. Once you are in the Lounge scroll down and click on Student's of IFTSA and there you will see a directory of students, where you can start a conversation. From there, we recommend visiting the poster area. You can click on the contributor to be taken to their profile page, where you can contact them, follow them, or start a panel.

IFT on Jul 10, 2020
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