Questions about Networking & Social Events

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Can anyone attend the Social Events?
You must be a registered attendee to participate in SHIFT20 social events.

How can I get in contact with another attendee?
Through the SHIFT20 event site you will want to navigate to the "Attendees" section from the top left "hamburger" menu. From there you will be brought to the Attendees landing page where you can see and search all attendees by name, business affiliation, and business sector. You can also use the event site search to find an attendee by name as well. From the attendee's profile page you can contact them, follow them, or start a panel (video chat). They will receive an email alert that you would like to connect.

How is an attendee notified if someone is trying to contact them via video chat?
To start a video chat you will search the person you are trying to connect with and click on their profile. It is best etiquette to inform that person via email you would like to set up a time to video chat. Once you have confirmed a scheduled time you will click on Start Panel. You will then follow the prompts to complete your virtual set up. The person you are trying to reach will receive an email with the subject SHIFT20 panel invitation. That person would then click on the link join video panel.

What does the “Start a Panel” button do when you are in a room?/What are Panels?
Panels are virtual discussions between invited thought leader guests. Each SHIFT20 featured panel will be offered at a specific time (see schedule at a glance) and have a live Q&A.

What is the benefit of following someone?
Following someone lets them know your are interested in their activity on the site. Attendees can edit their notification settings related to those their following to automatically be notified when they make new contributions.

IFT on Jul 10, 2020
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