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I have registered for SHIFT20 and looking at the the schedule, I see that some sessions are "on-demand". What does this mean?
All Scientific & Applied Sessions, Posters, and the Research Showcase will be available “On-Demand,” meaning attendees are not bound to watch at any particular day and time. Each session will have their own page so attendees can watch the “on-demand” presentations. If attendees wish to engage with a particular registered presenter, they can start a conversation live if that presenters appears online. If the presenter is offline, they’ll be notified they have an incoming message .Just an FYI about the Online Planner: if you go to this link you’ll see we divided the session types into 5 categories. The only things that have dates and times, are listed as “Events” and “Featured Sessions”.

I want to see a Featured Session and see there is a "sign up" button. Do I have to sign up ahead of time to see it?
You click sign up/register. The attendee will put in their email. Depending how far out you register/sign up you will receive a confirmation email as well as a reminder email 15 minutes before the start time. If you register/signup right before you will be placed in a waiting room.

How do I register for an individual “session” and get the link to the session such as the opening Keynote session with April Rinne?
The best way to access specific sessions is to add them to your planner prior to the event. You can also access the information by simply typing in the name of the session in the search bar and then click sign up/register.

I see how to access my "sessions", but some have a video at the top, and some have videos towards the bottom. Why is there a difference?
Sessions that have a singular video will appear at the top, sessions with multiple videos appear throughout the session.

I'm registered and watched a session but I can't get into the planner or contact exhibitors.
The best way to access specific sessions is to add them to your planner prior to the event start and then link to the event from your planner. If you would prefer to access the event directly from the SHIFT20 site you can do so by simply typing in the name of the session in the search bar. To find the full list of exhibitors from the event site, click on the "Expo Solution Experts" feature and from that page click on the SHIFT20 Exhibitor Showcase feature. This will take you to the SHIFT20 Planner and Exhibitor Showcase homepage where you can view all exhibitors alphabeticaly, by category, by featured exhibitor, or by new product showcase.

Why does my poster say "Poster Not Available?"
Poster profiles have been updated to include all information provided in the speaker portal. If you would like to add your material, please e-mail

Why is my poster different than how submitted?
Poster pages have been quality checked to ensure it matches provided guidelines and what was provided to the speaker portal. If you updated your personal profile page as your profile page, we have transferred information to your poster's page. If you have further questions or would like an edit, please e-mail

IFT on Jul 10, 2020
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