Questions about Finding Exhibitors and My Planner

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I am registered for SHIFT20 and I can't sync my SHIFT20 Planner.
Are you signing up for the planner with the same email that you used for registration? They must use the same email for the planner that they used for registration. They must also use the same last name that they used in registration for the planner. Access your Planner here:

What happens when I like an exhibitor?
When you like and exhbitior you should follow them by clicking on the plus sign next to the exhibitors name. Following an exhibitor will notify the company that you are potential lead, if you have agreed to be contacted by exhibitors. Browse exhibitors here:

Where can I find a list of Exhibitors?
To find the full list of exhibitors from the event site, click on the "Expo Solution Experts" feature and from that page click on the SHIFT20 Exhibitor Showcase feature. This will take you to the SHIFT20 Planner and Exhibitor Showcase homepage where you can view all exhibitors alphabeticaly, by category, by featured exhibitor, or by new product showcase. Or visit:

How can I view exhibitors relevant to me?
You can search by product category, company name, and keywords in the SHIFT20 Planner and Exhbitor Showcase site. If you favorite any exhibitors in your planner, you will also have recommended exhibitors listed at the bottom of your planner page that might also be of interest. Browse Exhibitors Here:

How can I schedule meetings with exhibitors?
To schedule meetings with exhibitors you would need to go Visit the Expo Showcase. You can access this from the SHIFT20 website. Click on Expo Showcase on the upper right hand corner. Once there you will find different ways to view exhibitors. When you have the exhibitor you want to contact, go to the exhibitor's Virtual Business Card on their showcase and select a contact that is noted as "Available" in the green button. You can in set up a meeting or initiate a 1:1 chat.

IFT on Jul 10, 2020
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