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117: Health, Safety, and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities With Today’s Seafood Supply Chain

Moderators: Qinchun Rao,PhD Presenters: Chengchu Liu, PhD; Tom Brenna, PhD; Nicholas Ralston, PhD; Jonathan Deeds, PhD

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Go to the profile of Franklin Bonilla
Franklin Bonilla 6 months ago

Excellent simposium. Eat seafood be healthy! Thank you to the speakers and organizers. 

Go to the profile of Jonathan C Kershaw
Jonathan C Kershaw 6 months ago

Great discussions, thanks for putting this together! I enjoyed the information on health and safety, but didn't hear a lot about sustainability. Any further thoughts on how to make aquaculture more sustainable? I've recently started learning more about aquaponics (specifically, integrated multi-trophic aquaponics) and find the potential exciting. Any comments on these types of systems?