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132: Food Safety: Going Viral

Organizer: Mary Jo Maffei-Panagos, bioMerieux Moderator: Frank Chatigny, bioMerieux Presenters: Erin Crowley, Q Labs; Prasant Prusty, Pathogenia; Efi Papafragkou, FDA; Joy Dell'Aringa, bioMerieux

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Go to the profile of Daniel Adegoke
Daniel Adegoke 6 months ago

What form of Process control method can be used for analysing?

Go to the profile of Vikrant Dutta
Vikrant Dutta 6 months ago

Mengovirus, murine norovirus, ms2, fĂ©line calicivirus, turnip crinkle virus are potential candidates for process control in food and environmental virology. Based on the type of samples (water, bms, fruits...) the type of virus sought (nov, hav, env ...), their accessibility, different surrogates could be used as process controls. A specific PCR design (proves, primers) will be necessary to detect the presence of the process control chosen. Furthermore, the chosen process control shall not be present naturally in food samples, and comply to specific standards requirements (e.g. ISO).  

Determination of which virus to use as a process control when testing for the presence of hepatitis A virus and norovirus in food and water

 Similar concentration and extraction recoveries allow for use of turnip crinkle virus as a process control for enteroviruses in water

 Analytical Application of a Sample Process Control in Detection of Foodborne Viruses

 Preparation of MS2 Phage-Like Particles and Their Use As Potential Process Control Viruses for Detection and Quantification of Enteric RNA Viruses in Different Matrices


Go to the profile of Alison Lacombe
Alison Lacombe 6 months ago

To Eric Crowley- Does Q labs do BSL-3 for validation on SARS-CoV-2? 

Go to the profile of Erin Crowley
Erin Crowley 6 months ago

Thanks for your question, Allison.  We do not currently offer services for BSL-3 viruses but have been working with method developers on alternatives for validation needed to meet BSL-2 requirements.  Please email me at if you would like more information.