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208: Fireside Chat: Advances in Rare Sugars; Taste/Flavor Attributes, Functionality and Processing of Allulose and Tagatose for Reduced Sugar Foods and Beverages

Organizers: Akshay Kumar Anugu, PhD, Ed Rogers Moderator: Judie Bizzozero Presenters: Daniel J. Wichelecki, PhD, Cesar Contreras, Didem Icoz, PhD, Yuma Tani

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Abimbola Uzomah 8 months ago

Is the production of allulose starch-source specific? That is, any difference in the yield between root tuber starches and cereal starch sources

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IFT 7 months ago


I thought you might want to see recent press coverage related to your session.

Rare sugars contain fewer calories than sugar

Jeff Gelski, Baking Business, July 14, 2020

This article covers the SHIFT20 session on allulose and tagatose, including several quotes form speakers Daniel J. Wichelecki and Yuma Tani.