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102: Empowering Teams with Effective Tastings

Presenters: Michael Nestrud, PhD, AOS; Christine A. VanDongen, PhD; Lori Rothman, CFS, M.S.; Sarah V. Kirkmeyer, PhD, MBA, CFS

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Go to the profile of Erin Evers
Erin Evers 6 months ago

great idea to do this as a skit!  I laughed out loud because this hits a little close to home, I have been in this situation too many times.

Go to the profile of Virginia Mercer
Virginia Mercer 6 months ago

Agreed - the skits were great!

Go to the profile of Kirstin Beager
Kirstin Beager 6 months ago

Thank you for creating this session.  The skit made it fun.  I will definitely be using some of these tips at my next tasting.

Go to the profile of Allison Leibovich
Allison Leibovich 6 months ago

How fun, those manufacturing comments were spot on!

Go to the profile of Anne Goldman
Anne Goldman 6 months ago

Well executed session - great plan to use the skit to emphasise the points