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301: Inspiring and Advocating for Your Team: Quickly Learn and Apply Techniques for Team Management

Organizer: Beth Ritchey Presenters: Kimberly Hogan, Mike Nelsen

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Go to the profile of Allison Leibovich
Allison Leibovich 8 months ago

Post your questions & feedback using the comments feature. We'd love to hear what you think! Was this relevant? What would you like to hear?

Go to the profile of Kaylah Farina
Kaylah Farina 8 months ago

I am really enjoying hearing about best practices and ways to keep your teams engaged during social distancing and working remotely. There was a hard stop mid-sentence at 16:33, and I was wondering where I can find the rest of the webinar. 

Go to the profile of Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy 8 months ago

Always great to see my old colleague Kimberly present the great works she does at DuPont.  I will be using all these ideas from Mike and Kimberly moving forward.