Agriculture Science and Food Science Collaborating to Accelerate Innovation

Catch our webinar from Tuesday, July 14 at 12 pm CST

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The shared goal of all scientists in food and agriculture is delivering a stable supply of sustainable, safe and delicious (if not also affordable and nutritious) food to consumers across the world. Each brings their unique experience and training to the challenge and often work independently to solve specific challenges.

However, more complex product and processing issues can benefit from a unified approach between food and agriculture scientists, as their specialized talents and tools open new pathways to innovation. Recently Corteva Agriscience and PepsiCo announced the outcome of one such partnership: the first-ever sequencing of the full oat genome for use in open-source applications. This work was completed in just four months thanks to a collaborative effort between academia, government and the private sector, advancing the resiliency of food systems while leading to heartier oat varieties with improved sustainability, taste and nutrition. 

This collaborative work is part of Corteva’s efforts to use our advanced research and development capabilities to build a more sustainable food system, enriching lives and the planet for generations to come.  We’ll also share our plan for integrating sustainability into our R&D work, which will help food companies achieve their sustainability targets.  And more importantly, we’re inviting you to share with us your ideas on how we can work together to develop food solutions that benefit both farmers and consumers.

Jeremy Dirks

Global Food Systems and Consumer Strategy Portfolio Leader, Corteva Agriscience

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