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“Essential, Resilient, and Ready” – IFT20 Welcome Message

IFT CEO Christie Tarantino-Dean welcomes attendees to SHIFT20

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SHIFT20 Virtual Event and Expo is where the science of food and food innovation community comes together to share, debate, and discover emerging science, research, insights, thought-leadership, solution providers, and networking opportunities impacting the industry now and into the future.



Go to the profile of Gordon Smith
Gordon Smith 6 months ago

Thoughtful, appropriate and timely welcome message - well done!

Go to the profile of Jennifer Elegbede
Jennifer Elegbede 6 months ago

Great Message, looking forward to SHIFT20! Thanks for shedding light on a sensitive subject.

Go to the profile of Randy Worobo
Randy Worobo 6 months ago

Wonderful to see that IFT could adjust to the challenges and still offer its members a chance to take part in SHIFT20!

Go to the profile of J.A. Moses
J.A. Moses 6 months ago

Timely message. Great!

Go to the profile of Ken Lee
Ken Lee 6 months ago

"Our own IFT salary survey reveals... women earn 24% less than men... white men earn 34% more than African American women." We should follow up on these data and discuss what a professional society can or cannot do with this perspective.

Go to the profile of Daniel Adegoke
Daniel Adegoke 6 months ago

Thanks for this message, I am motivated!

Go to the profile of Brenda Knapp-Polzin
Brenda Knapp-Polzin 6 months ago

Thank you for the inspiring words and welcome to Shift 2020!

Go to the profile of William (Bill) Thomas
William (Bill) Thomas 6 months ago

Thank you fro reminding us what great complexities were accomplished within a short window to make a Virtual SHIFT20 IFT possible.

Go to the profile of Michele Perchonok
Michele Perchonok 6 months ago

Very inspiring message. I am so glad that IFT is making a commitment to understanding the systemic issues within our profession and then, more importantly, taking action.  I hope that this meeting brings a silver lining to our community in this difficult pandemic time.

Go to the profile of Vivek Seth
Vivek Seth 6 months ago

great message!

Go to the profile of Tatiana Aimé Mejía Recinos

Undoubtedly an inspiring message! 

Go to the profile of Prashita Patil
Prashita Patil 6 months ago

This is the only hopeful thing I have heard in past few weeks. This gives me so much motivation to do something ground breaking. 

Go to the profile of Diane Dawson
Diane Dawson 6 months ago

Bravo IFT for  addressing some of these systemic issues that affect all of us.