How Modern Farming Delivers for the Modern Consumer

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A quick walk down any grocery aisle is proof the food industry is reacting to the rapidly changing consumer, but what is not as readily apparent are the changes today’s farmers are making to respond as well. Today’s farmer uses new technologies -- from the seed to the soil to the combine seat –to enable consumers to have a greater choice and reliable supply of safe, quality food. As consumers preferences to include more non-GMO products, shifting to new dairy and meat alternates and increasing standards for sustainability and traceability, farmers make changes across their operation to meet these needs.  Farmers have been and continue to be the original stewards of the land, water and air; new technologies that enable them to take better care of all three are rapidly integrated into their businesses.  Join us as we hear from three leading North American farmers to understand how they monitor consumer and market trends, how and when they integrate them into their operation, how technology has shifted and what they wish consumers knew about farming. 

Jeremy Dirks

Global Food Systems and Consumer Strategy Portfolio Leader, Corteva Agriscience

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